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Click here to visit the website, which will be fully operational in March of 2013, will provide listings of every business in Martinsville - Henry County and provide them with a way to sell their products online! For more information about how to get your businesses listed, call Martinsville Uptown at 632-5688.

Why does shopping local matter?

Because what you spend here, stays here. Martinsville - Henry County residents spend over $49,000,000 outside our community each year. Shopping local would mean keeping more of that money in the local economy.

  • Out of every $1 spent in a locally owned store, 68 cents stays in our community.
  • Studies have also shown that as little at 13 cents out of every $1 spent at national chain stores may stay in the community.
  • Until is operational, shopping online means that 100% of the money spent leaves our community.

Shopping locally, means more jobs for our citizens, a lower unemployment rate, more sales tax dollars funding our school systems, more dollars to fund city and county endeavors, and a better economy for Martinsville - Henry County residents!

What is the Shop Local Initiative?

The Shop Local Initiative is a partnership between Martinsville Uptown, the Martinsville - Henry County Chamber of Commerce and the Martinsville - Henry County Economic Development Corporation that has three goals:

  • Find out what residents are spending money on out of town or on the internet and try to get entrepreneurs to open more stores to meet the needs of area residents
  • Create a one-stop-shop website where all area businesses are listed. The site will also will allow businesses to sell their products online. Finding all area businesses and buying their products will be as easy the click of a mouse
  • Educate MHC residents about the importance of shopping locally and encourage them to keep their dollars here, working in our local economy